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A colourful rebrand for Badaboom

Kind has developed a new visual identity for the Norwegian clothing company Badaboom.

'The people at Kind are incredibly professional and knowledgeable, while at the same time keeping an open mind and being really accommodating. They have understood our philosophy and visualised it in a brilliant way. Badaboom now has the look we want, and we are really satisfied.'

Britt Hillestad Partner & Co-founder, Badaboom

Badaboom is an ambitious company and it is barely three years since it started trading.  It designs textiles made from bamboo, a material with qualities that give the products properties that are a bit out of the ordinary. The fibres are as smooth as silk, while at the same time supressing unpleasant odours. The products also prevent bacteria formation and are particularly well-suited for people with allergies. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that requires little use of fertiliser or insecticides. Garments made from bamboo are 100% biodegradable and renewable, and bamboo plants are a very effective means of removing CO2from the atmosphere. They prevent erosion and help to make the soil easier to cultivate.

Magically soft

The quality of bamboo is unique. It feels like thick, soft silk and is incredibly comfortable to wear. Once you have worn clothes made from bamboo, you will never want to wear anything else. Their smooth, glossy surface gives the garments a luxurious and elegant appearance.

Badaboom applies stringent requirements as regards the comfort and functional properties of its garments. Two years of trial and error were necessary before the company found a manufacturer that could meet its requirements. Not just requirements as regards the quality of the material, but also as regards ethical trade and health and safety requirements. 

Badaboom started making garments for adults, but the market has now expanded considerably, and children's clothes and bed linen are now also an important part of the company's product range. Following a period of development and growth, the company is now looking to make its communication more market-oriented and to expand the export market.

Partner & co-founder at Badaboom, Britt Hillestad, said: 'When you start a company, it is really important to find good partners to work with who can refine your vision and bring it to life. We were clear about where we wanted to go with the brand, and we have realised the importance of a strong brand right from the start. That is why we were looking for the best when we decided to renew our visual identity.

'The people at Kind are incredibly professional and knowledgeable, while at the same time keeping an open mind and being really accommodating. They have understood our philosophy and visualised it in a brilliant way. Badaboom now has the look we want, and we are really satisfied.'

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