Our Process


In this phase it is important to get as much information as possible about the client and the project on the table.

• Define the challenges

• Consultation

• Workshops

• Swot analysis
• Expanded market analysis

Strategic Counseling

Identifying challenges and opportunities. Systematic and innovative measures for improving profitability and competitiveness. Strategic advisory services are almost always triggered by a need for change. Our job is to find out where the shoe pinches. How to help our client stand out in the marketplace and hone its message to its primary audience. How to improve our client’s reputation and develop sales-triggering processes.

• Brand positioning

• Where are you now?

• Where do you want to position yourself in future?

• Actions

Concept Development

All creative processes begin with an idea that is based on a thorough brief and agreement on strategic direction. In this process, an uncritical phase followed by a critical phase forms the basis for the concept and what will be finally visualised. The ideas phase is important, whether we are working on a campaign or developing a visual identity.

• Brainstorming

• Teamwork

• Concept sketches

• Communications management


We will concentrate on the big picture in everything we do/Everything we do will be based on a unifying concept. We will engage in communication and visual management. We will ensure there is a unifying theme in communication and design. The measures will be visualised on the platforms decided in the previous process (Brief / Strategic Consulting / Art direction and concept development). It is the strategy and the concept development process that will decide what channels we use, and not vice versa.


In this phase, the design is implemented in printed or digital form. Through close supervision and dialogue with our suppliers, we ensure that quality and comprehensiveness are maintained right up to the last paragraph.


In consultation with our clients, projects are evaluated based on the aesthetic, communicative and financial results. In long-term collaborations, we will hold quarterly evaluation meetings to monitor the direction, process and results.

• Evaluation meetings

• Measurements of response

• Financial returns

• The way forward