"Such a perfect match between packaging and content is a rare sight to behold. It is an incredibly simple solution that communicates the content in a clear, intuitive and direct way. The product's strengths are immediately communicated through the packaging, which also feels very innovative in its category. Badaboom's minimal consumption of resources makes it very environmentally friendly. The underwear is packaged in the same super-soft fabric it is made of – the environmentally friendly material bamboo viscose. The product is 95% sustainable, and it is with great pleasure that we award the gold medal to this innovative packaging and product.'' 


The jury's comments
Kind's wining contribution for Badaboom

Kind awarded gold at Visuelt

Kind won the gold medal at the Visuelt Festival in Oslo for its work for Badaboom. The Visuelt competition is the biggest visual communication competition in the Nordic countries. It is organised by Grafill (the Norwegian organisation for visual communication)


THE VISUELT FESTIVAL Every autumn, Norway's creative industry comes together with local entrepreneurs and participants from elsewhere to listen to Norwegian and international speakers and take part in seminars, festival activities, an awards ceremony and party. The Visuelt Festival offers an interesting and high quality programme, and, together with others in the visual communication field, it ensures two whole days with varied and exciting content. The festival is held in the Vulkan district in Oslo. Designers, illustrators and animators compete every year in the biggest visual communication competition in the Nordic countries. A total of 700 works compete to pass through the eye of the needle, and the level of the work that is submitted is extremely high. The winners are decided by a jury consisting of 25 Norwegian and international experts.

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